In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for EVERYBODY, the following expectations are to be followed for all home and away games, and all other events in which the following provisions apply. Every performance is also a trial for what comes next including international tours...

1. Water will be provided for student use. No other food or drink is allowed in the stands! Please be aware that we are at the games to perform and thus are on “show” AT ALL TIMES. Food and drink may result in soiled uniforms, damage to instruments, etc. ENSURE THAT YOU MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO EAT PRIOR TO THE GAMES.


2. To ensure the quality of the music, please ensure that you sit in your section during the game and be ready to PERFORM at a moment’s notice. Again, we are performers, not just fans.


3. Friends/ parents/ siblings can sit around the band location but not “in” with the band again remember you are performing and please no “GOPHERITIS’ You know “gopher this or gopher that” with Mom, Dad, or significant others.


4. PEP stands for POLISH-ENERGY-POWER. We want to show fans how to act, always positive (no put downs or derogatory comments), humorous but as part of the group (solos are a no-no). If in doubt, ask Mr. Ingelson.


5. If you leave on break remember to stay in groups of five. If going to the restroom at a game an adult will escort you... try to “plan ahead.


6. Listen carefully for important announcements pertinent to the performance at hand.


7. Respect the chaperones without them, performances away from campus would not be allowed. Remember, they are there to help and protect you and the band.


8. At the end of any performance be sure that you leave the stands or area looking as neat or neater than when you arrived. You are representing your band, school, city, and sometimes your state or country.


  1. 9.When in uniform you are an identifiable part of the group. Television cameras, the audience in attendance, other performers, parents, sponsors, future band members, etc. will all judge the group by your actions ensure that you represent the highest standards at all times. Students must never use cel phones when they are preparing for, or are in performance mode as this is NOT an appropriate time for such use.

10. Cel Phones are NOT to be used at any time during Performances or Rehearsals unless cleared by the Directors/ Instructors. This includes video/ audio recording in order to preserve the integrity and privacy of each member. If an emergency arises please check with a DIrector or Instructor. Cel phones may be collected from a student should they use their cel phone when not appropriate.