Spirit of the Sands Band Handbook


As part of Palm Springs High School Music Department, you are part of Visual and Performing Arts Department:


Mission Statement for the Departments comprising Fine Arts

• Student will attain a solid foundation in music, the performing and related arts which will lead to personal fulfillment, employment opportunities, and advanced preparation for careers. Students will utilize their musical development and talents to gain educational outcomes through extra-curricular travel and exposure to other cultures and artistic mediums. Students will develop citizenship skills through performance and music contributions in a broad range of communities.


Music Department Goals

• Students will prepare and perform music for individual fulfillment and group


• The acquisition of musical knowledge, technical skills, and knowledge of self to express

and communicate ideas musically

• Students will develop their individual talent and ability which as they strive toward

their personal education and career objectives.

• Students will understand that music is a reflection of society and therefore will link

studies in other academic areas with their music studies and performance experiences.