Spirit of the sands  Band Handbook



Rehearsal time is a valuable commodity and must be used wisely by all members. Students must be prepared for class and are responsible for learning their assigned parts. There is a fundamental difference in the terms “practice” and “rehearsal”.


All performers have experienced the frustration of going through a rehearsal while a couple of individuals or section’s practice. It is crucial that students accept the responsibility of preparing for rehearsal before they enter rehearsal. It is also important to acknowledge that it is impossible to put all of the pieces of a musical puzzle together if pieces are missing. The picture will be incomplete whether we are dealing with a marching “chart” or the music of an ensemble presentation. It is critical that students and parents are aware of the importance of attendance at rehearsals and performances.

PRACTICE is a necessary part of being part of the “Spirit of the Sands”.

PRACTICE is something you do to by yourself to prepare for rehearsal and performance it is preparation of music’s technical aspects so the ensemble can work on interpretation as a group.

REHEARSAL is an opportunity to “re-hear” the individual work that has been done by individual band students and to use it to produce a great group work.

You may practice yourself but it takes REHEARSAL to clean and make the ensemble a single entity...

Even though you may “know your part”, you are “part of a bigger whole and only through being present and part of the rehearsal process will all facets of the show or performance come together. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is required for participation and the “privilege to perform”. When you join this group you understand that this is part of membership in this elite group. It is also part of building a very important life skill SHOWING UP IS HALF THE BATTLE. If you are absent you affect every other member. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE PREPARED AND PRESENT AT ALL REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES.




Rehearsal times are designed to best utilize the time, facilities, and resources that are available to the band program. We also recognize the importance of family, jobs, other activities, and coursework in other subject areas. It is the desire of this band program to work with the student in managing their time and organizing their various commitments. THE PRESENT REHEARSAL SCHEDULE WAS BUILT TO BENEFIT STUDENT SCHEDULES INCLUDING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. However, this means that students need to understand that they cannot miss these rehearsals as they are the equivalent of several “class rehearsals”. Participants must understand and accept the responsibility of being part of a performing ensemble in which their attendance will affect the other performers and the entire ensemble. Band must be one of your FIRST priorities and you must do your part in ensuring the highest quality of performance of the ensemble. Others are relying on you. If you are fair to the band, the band will be fair to you.