Spirit of the Sands Band Handbook


Thoughts that guide the program:

Work isn’t work... if you enjoy it!

Our most important trophies are our graduates.

You may forget what someone says, you may forget what they do, but you'll never forget the way they make you feel.

There is no "I" in BAND, FLAG, or TEAM... but there's lots of "AAA"s.

Steinbeck wrote: “it seems to me that those who have the least tend to boast the most...

Music expresses that which cannot be said in words.

Each person has only so much time on earth... time is finite. When a person takes time out of their life to listen or watch you perform, they are giving you something that is priceless...part of their life.

Always leave a place cleaner than the way you found it.

The two most important words in the English language: “THANK YOU”

The least important word in the English Language “I”

The most important word in the English Language “We”

YOU are responsible for what comes out of your horn... you and no one else!