Spirit of the Sands Band Handbook



In order to meet the requirements for grading of Music Ensembles (Applied- Marching Band/ Symphonic Band/ Production Band/ Jazz Band/ Visual Corps) within the Palm Springs Band organization the following criteria will be utilized:

•  Attitude as demonstrated through punctual attendance at all rehearsals and performances and interaction with other student and instructors.

•  Technical Performance

A positive attitude is expected from each and every band member reflected by their preparation, interpersonal relationships with other members and staff, involvement with band activities, and behavior during rehearsals and performances.

In order to meet the requirements for grading of ACADEMIC MUSIC CLASSES (MUSIC I,II,III, IV, and AP) and ensembles within the Palm Springs Band organization the following criteria will be utilized:


• written examinations and/or reports(20% semester)

• instrumental performance technique (40% semester)

- demonstrate correct instrumental technique in ensemble performance

- demonstrate correct instrumental technique as a soloist

- individual and group performance

• performance critiques - (10% semester)

• compositions (20% semester)

• portfolio (5% semester)

• resume (5% semester)

Written quizzes in theory and history will always be directly relevant to musical concepts relating to the performance and rehearsal music. Performance exams will demonstrate student instrumental growth and accomplishment of the group’s band literature and individual instrumental etudes (studies).

Ensembles are based on weekly assessments based on attendance at rehearsals as evidenced by instrumental technique during rehearsals and performances. If there is uncertainty regarding performance level in rehearsal, students may be asked or may request to play individually for the Instructor/ Director. Musicianship is also part of the assessment; is the student prepared for rehearsal/ performance. Do they shop up? Do they show up on time? How to do they relate to the other performers? How do they respond to constructive criticism? How do they deal with changes? All skills necessary for success....


If you are concerned about your standing in the band program please see Mr. Ingelson. Appeals for individual past assignments will not be accepted for the previous reporting term once report cards have been distributed to students. PLEASE SEE INDIVIDUAL SYLLABI FOR CLASSES DURING THE REGULAR SCHOOL DAY FOR COURSE CONTENT AND GRADING.