Spirit of the Sands Band Handbook



As a part of the PALM SPRINGS MARCHING SHOW BAND, members represent a tradition of excellence which must be maintained and continually advanced to maximize the effectiveness of the band at all times. Part of the marching representation is the visual aspect of group performance and this extends to the individual member who then contributes to the whole of the marching show. In order to ensure that this band presents the image and respectability with which it has become associated, it is necessary that the following be adhered to:


  1. Members will wear complete uniforms only. Members will not wear any part of their uniform without the remainder unless instructed by the directors. This includes both performance and “off performance” times.

  2. Uniforms must always be maintained to the highest standard possible. Cleaning, pressing, and repairs must be made immediately to ensure that your band always presents its best possible appearance. This also extends to the marching footwear. All shoes must be cleaned prior to the next performance and yes, black socks must be worn with black shoes.

• Hair will be pinned up if it falls below the median collar line of the uniform (both males and females). Alternate colored bows, ribbons, etc. should not be used unless authorized by an instructor.

  1. All visible jewelry must be removed for performances. This includes rings, earrings, watches, etc.

  2. All piercing must be removed. If ear lobe piercing and stretching has occurred  they must be covered by band aids matching the skin color.... this is the students responsibility to provide.

  3. All visible tattoos if present must be covered . If they are exposed parts of the body then they must be covered by band aids... this is the students responsibility to provide

• Only minimum make-up for will be allowed (no heavy eyeliner, heavy mascara, etc..). Flag corps make up may be applied lightly without the use of bold colors unless directed otherwise by the flag corps instructor. In all cases the “final word” in case of dispute is the Band Director or Visual Corps Instructor.

• Fingernail polish if used, must be removed unless it is of the clear skin tone variety

No colored nails are allowed... if they exist they must be covered by band aids .... this is the students responsibility to provide.

All of the “guidelines” listed above are presented in order to ensure that the band’s presentation is of the highest possible quality. In all instances, appropriate action should be taken to facilitate the “ultimate” band appearance prior to arrival at the performance site.

REMEMBER UNIFORM COMES FROM “UNI” Means “ONE” and “FORM” or “FORMA” means shape or beauty.... “ONE SHAPE” or “ONE BEAUTY”





It is the STUDENT and PARENT’s RESPONSIBILITY to keep the Uniform in Good Condition to ensure the band presents itself in the best possible light. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT THE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS ARE FOLLOWED. DAMAGE OR LOSS OF UNIFORM ITEMS WILL BE CHARGED AT THE REPLACEMENT COST WHICH CAN AMOUNT TO ALMOST $1000.00 !! Students uniforms MUST be clean and in good condition to perform

Overlay and Cape- DRY CLEAN ONLY (Note: the inner collar may be unsnapped and washed in cold water. Use a mild soap like Woolite, gentle cycle, and hang to dry)

Tux Jacket and Tux Pants- Dry Clean or may be machine washed in cold water, mild soap, gentle cycle, hang to dry, Use a COOL iron to press pants if necessary.

Tux Shirt- Machine wash and dry  with “whites”

Tie and Cummerbund- Dry Clean Only if necessary

Shoes- Wipe with damp cloth (windex may be used)

Black Socks- SUPPLIED by STUDENTS machine wash as necessary

Garment Bag- Dry Clean Only if necessary

Hat- Remove from Box to air out after performances. Use A mild detergent to clean vinyl areas as needed

Pep Shirt- Machine wash and dry like colors

Buttons- Please see uniform chairman for replacement buttons... Sew on with matching thread

GUARD UNIFORMS- hand wash in cold water, mild soap, gentle cycle, hang to dry.

FLAGS- hand wash in cold water, mild soap, gentle cycle, hang to dry. Use a COOL iron to press