Although we are aware that members may have many activities with which they are involved, it is imperative that members attend rehearsals and performances as required. Should an emergency arise, members MUST bring in a note excusing the absence and whenever possible, prior to the absence. Excused absences will be handles on an individual basis. Two unexcused absences will result in a full letter grade drop. Should any additional absences be recorded, conduct will be discussed with the student and action taken if necessary.

Please Note: class times are combined in order to produce better quality rehearsals. In order to ensure that State class hour mandates are met and due to the attendance system used at PSHS the following system is utilized. Monday rehearsals are logged as Monday, Tuesday classes;

Thursday rehearsals are logged as Thursday, Friday classes. WHEN CLEARING ABSENCES WITH THE SCHOOL, PLEASE REMIND ATTENDANCE STAFF TO CLEAR ALL DAYS FOR BAND. All rehearsal times will be considered for attendance credit. Attendance at performances are considered co-curricular and of major importance therefore reflected in the “Attitude Portion of Grading”.

Ensemble Classes are blocked to provide the most productive rehearsal time and to allow students to participate in other activities.

Groups that are “Audition only” ensembles (Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Tour Band, Mini Marching Band, Visual Corps Elite, etc. ) are a privilege to be part of and therefore, the highest code of conduct is expected and demanded for membership. This includes attendance at all rehearsals and performances unless excused by the Director. Failure to comply may result in a student being removed from the ensemble.