MinI Marching Band


The Spirit of the Sands Mini Marching Band is the portable, compressed version of the Marching Band. Comprised of three dozen performers, this band has performed at countless parties, National Anthem, “Corporate Pep Rallies”, Bike Events, Sporting Events, Star Dedications, conventions, charity functions, on television shows and for numerous celebrities including:


  1. President Gerald Ford    

  2. President George W. Bush  

  3. Ken Kragen (We Are the World, Hands Across America, etc)             

  4. Merv Griffin

  5. Lou Rawls

  6. •Monty Montana

  7. Ernest Borgnine

  8. Smoky Robinson

  9. Hollywood Reporter

  10. Elizabeth Dole

  11. Mary Bono

  12. Monty Hall

  13. Ruth Van Heuven

  14. Pat Boone

  15. Desert Museum Gala

  16. Variety Club International Awards

  17. Mr. Blackwell   

  18. Leslie Neilsen

  19. Royal Crown Revue 

  20. Johnny Mann

  21. Nancy Sinatra

  22. Indian Wells Desert Symphony

  23. Peter Graves

  24. John Wooden

  25. Tchaikowsky Conservatory   Band, Moscow

  26. National Veteran’s Convention

  27. Coachella Valley Symphony     

  28. Tour de Palm Springs

  29. Ben Stein

  30. Sinatra Classic

  31. Bill Austin

  32. Dick Van Dyke     

  33. Barry Manilow  

and many, many more...


“Amazing... Everyone who talked to me after the presentation talked about how amazing the band was... they could not believe it was a high school group...” Ken Kragen, producer of “We Are the World”, “Hands Across America”, “NetAid” and agent to the stars

“The attendees really enjoyed their spirited performance. It was an honor to have them perform at the meeting. On a scale of 1-10 Palm Springs High School Band would definitely be an 11!” Melissa Doyle, Producer Michael Carson Productions, New York

“Throughout the year our company works with numerous entertainment groups and, because our reputation is on the line, we attempt to work only with the best and the most reliable. I would not hesitate to use or recommend you to any client we represent or to any of my peers in the industry.” Linda Franklin, The Meeting Manager, Orange County/ Los Angeles/ Palm Springs

If you would like the Spirit of the Sands Mini Marching Band or any of the bands to perform at you event please email Brian Ingelson, Director of Bands, Palm Springs High School.

Mini Marching Band