2005-2006 Performances




August 18- Australia/ New Zealand Wrap Up Party

Newcomer Band Orientation: Saturday, August 20th,

Band Camp August 22th-26th 12:00- 8:00 p.m.

First Day of School Rally-


September 1 Executive Meeting

September 2 Home Football

September 7 General Meeting

September 8 KESQ T.V. Shoot

September 13 Katrina Relief Rotary

September 16 Home Football

September 29 Executive Meeting


October 3 KCBS Morning Show

October 3 Wellness Park Dedication

October 4,5,and 6th Napier band from New Zealand

October 5, Joint Concert with Napier

October 12 Homecoming Parade

October 14 Homecoming PEP RALLY

October 14 Homecoming Game

October 20 Candidates Forum

October 21 Home Football

October 26 Halloween Concert

October 28, 29 Rotary Convention Marriott Las Palmas


November 3 Executive Meeting

November 4 Home Football

November 5, and 6th LGBA With Tichelli

November 6 Pride Parade

November 7, 2005 Glenn Miller Orchestra in Concert 7:30 p.m.

November 11 Veteran's Day Parade

November 15 Institute of the Arts Concert with the Coachella Valley

November 16 Agua Caliente Talent Show- Small Ensemble

Symphony, Buddy Rogers Youth Symphony, and more 7:00 p.m.

November 17 General Meeting

November 18 Home Football Playoff Game

November 25 Home Football Playoff Game

November 30 Executive Meeting


December 3 Festival of Lights Parade

December 3 Possible Home Football Playoff Game

December 8- ATHENA AWARDS- Woodwind Ens.

December 9-10 Palm Springs Music Festival and Tournament

December 10 Possible Football Final Game

December 15 Jazz Combo - Lions Luncheon



January 12- Executive Meeting

January 15- Star Dedication 1:30 to 3:00 Mini Band

January 22- NAMM Performance J.B.


February 4- DISNEYLAND!!

February 7 or 8, Morning TV Shoot- Mini Marching Band

February 8 Flag Concert

February 10-11th Tour de Palm Springs

February 11th- Koncert for Katrina- J.B.

Febrary 15th, General and TOUR Meeting- 6:00 p.m.

February 24- Big Band Dance J.B.

February 25/06 Black History Day Parade SB/ MB


March 3- Daniel Glass Lecture/ Presentation

March 4 GATE Conference- Jazz Band

March 4 - Rennaisance PAPARAZZI Fundraiser (Volunteers)

March 13- US Army Field Band- (selected musicians)

March 18/06 Elementary Track Meet (FR)

March 19/06 Desert Marriott- General Richard Meyers (Mini MB)

March 20 PS Women's Club J.B.

March 26- PS Air Museum Echo Taps

March 29/06 Desert Island Big Band Dance JB

March 29/06 Renaissance Esmerelda- Mini Marching Band


April 5/ 06 Spring Fling Concert

April 22 Les Misrables Rehearsal

April 23 Les Misrables Rehearsal

April 27/06 Les Miserables Matinee

April 28/ 06 ROTC Review

April 28/06 Les Miserables

April 29/06 Les Miserables


May 5/06 Les Miserables

May 6/06 Les Miserables

May 7/06 Les Miserables Matinee

May 11/06 Executive Meeting

May 17/ 06 Final Concert

May 21/06 Band Awards 

May 29/ 06 Memorial Day Veteran's Ceremony


June 8/ 06 Graduation Ceremonies

June 16/ 06 9:00-noon Music Pick up and Rehearsal